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MAC Retro Matte Collection Haul (Lip Swatches and Super-Quick Review)

One part of my haul from Hong Kong was from the MAC Retro Matte limited edition collection. I’m a huge fan of Ruby Woo, so I was keen to try all the new retro-matte shades.

Texture: Not quite the original retro matte, but matte enough!

If you’ve never tried Ruby Woo, you should know that the Retro Matte texture is a super-matte finish that has zero shine compared to regular matte lipsticks. While I feel they have a slightly lighter-weight texture and are not as intense or matte as Ruby Woo, I still have to say if you don’t like a very-dry finish, you will NOT like these at all.

Shades: I bought 4 of the 6 new shades.

Flat Out Fabulous: Really fabulous purple/magenta. Goes on very evenly; less matte/dry than the other shades.

Relentlessly Red: Coral-pink-red all in one. Texture is matte but goes on evenly. Probably the best one if you like the retro-matte finish.

Runway Hit: Peach-toned nude. A little more nude than Please Me, and warmer than Kinda Sexy. Flattering kittenish shade, but goes on slightly uneven, so if you have pigmented lips, this might not cover them nicely.

Steady Going: Doll pink. Not as white as Saint Germain, and not as deep as Pink Nouveau. If Saint Germain is too pale for you, try this one. Texture is not as smooth as the darker shades, but it builds up nicely.

(Didn’t buy) Dangerous: Bright orange-red slightly more orange than Lady Danger, which I own

(Didn’t buy) Fixed on Drama*: Dark blackened-plum

Overall, I think the stronger shades go on more evenly than the 2 paler ones, but if you have smooth and pale lips, they would work great on you. The one shade I totally don’t recommend is the super-dark one, Fixed on Drama.

This was the first shade I grabbed to swatch at the store because I was imagining “Prince Noir” intensity, but it was by far the most disappointing. It went on patchy and no matter how much I tried to layer, it wouldn’t build up evenly. There are much better dark matte shades out there. Don’t waste your money on this!

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Eyeliner on We Heart It

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10 Of The Most Annoying People On Instagram

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Hookup Culture Is Not A Real Thing

As a millennial, I’m constantly hearing all this talk about hookup culture and how it’s ruining relationships for young people. I always raised an eyebrow at that kind of assumption because I feel like if someone doesn’t want a relationship (like moi) then it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Why is everyone so concerned with our love lives as young people anyway?

Well, I’m not the only skeptic on hookup culture. In fact, Martin A. Monto, a professor of sociology at the University of Portland, decided to do a study to decide if hookup culture was actually a real thing. And he found out that it’s not.


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Eff yeah you did, girlfriend.

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Nose, pero seguro ya lo hizo, seguro, seguro.. EL ya se entero, ¿ENTIENDES LO QUE SIGNIFICA ESO?
No, entiendo que necesitas relajarte, por favor, estas histérica!
Es que- es que tu no entiendes lo que puede pasar si algún día el
¿Si qué? ¿Sabes qué? Solo.. deja de pensar en eso y ya.
Claro, es que todo es simple para ti, por que- por que tu no eres, tu no sientes lo mismo, no me estas entendiendo.
¿Y piensas que no he tratado?
No es suficiente!